Farm Tools and Equipment or Agriculture


The book on Farm Tools and Equipment for Agriculture is an attempt to put together all relevant information regarding the availability of various tools and equipment for land development, seed bed preparation, seeding, planting & transplanting, weeding & interculture, plant protection, harvesting and threshing, straw management, horticulture and forage crops. Information on each item contains a brief description, its uses and power source required. In this a list of manufacturers who have supported the book writing through photographs and drawings are appended in the last to facilitate the readers for easy location. The information provided is quite exhaustive. o Introduction o Land leveling equipment o Tillage equipment o Seeding, planting and transplanting equipment o Weeding and fertilizer application equipment o Plant protection equipment o Harvesting and threshing equipment o Forage harvesting equipment o Farm tools and equipment for horticulture, plantation and hill agriculture o Farm tools and equipment for dryland agriculture o Straw management equipment